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Posts by Joseph Lucey

Loss Comes in Many Forms

Loss comes in many forms: Our children grow up and move out, friends retire and move away and loved ones pass on. The longer each of us lives, the more people we may lose in our lifetime. It’s also possible that one reason the “graying divorce” rate has increased in recent years is because longer…

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Create a Financial Strategy Now for Your Retirement

While adjusting to a fixed income during retirement can be stressful, you can help alleviate the stress by knowing your numbers. Many of us live with a “general idea” of our monthly income and expenses. However, a fixed income means you need a firm grasp on what’s coming in and what’s going out every month.…

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Stress in Retirement? It’s More Common Than You Think.

Many of us have an image of how retirement is supposed to be: You’re free! No boss to answer to, no schedule to keep, no demands upon you. In short, retirement equals no stress, right? But the reality is that some retirees report they still have stress after they leave their jobs. So what gives? Why are retirees…

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Don’t “Do-It-Yourself” for Your Financial Strategy

We live in a do-it-yourself culture. From home remodeling to teaching yourself how to play an instrument, the internet gives us the resources to learn and do just about anything on our own. That includes creating a financial strategy. The vast array of resources available out there make putting together a financial strategy sound simple.…

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The Importance of a Financial Strategy

Like a life plan, a well-thought-out financial strategy helps keep us on track and working toward our goals. And pursuing our financial goals goes hand in hand with working to achieve our life goals. For instance, if you have a specific retirement date in mind, creating a financial strategy can help you plan for that…

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Help Stay on Course with a Life Plan

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “How on earth did I end up here?” It’s probably happened to us all at some point. Author Michael Hyatt refers to it as drift: wandering so far off our original course that we don’t recognize where we are anymore. How do you help avoid drift and live…

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Innovations in the Baby Boomer Tech Market

Today, technology companies boast a rapid-fire pipeline of new innovations designed to help consumers in the home environment. While many are designed to help elderly people around the house, in some cases, it’s boomers who buy, install and help monitor those devices for their retired parents. The baby boomer generation is the fastest-growing segment of…

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What Is Evidence-Based Investing?

The evidence-based approach originated in the medical field to promote the use of clinical experience and the best available research to make decisions about individual patient care. In the investing world, this translates to a goal of using current evidence to help maximize an individual’s investment returns while minimizing risk from market downturns. In more simplistic…

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Keeping Connected With the Ever-Changing Internet

If you’ve watched national news in the past year or two, you’ve likely heard debates about net neutrality, which is the principle that internet providers should allow access to content regardless of the source and without blocking certain sites. In the waning days of the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission passed a rule preventing…

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Savings and Investment Updates

The American College of Financial Services recently posted some surprising results from its Retirement Income Literacy Quiz. Nearly three-quarters of respondents ages 60 to 75 failed the test with a score of 60 percent or less. The quiz included topics such as which expenses are covered by Medicare and long-term care insurance and what age…

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