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Posts by Joseph Lucey

Innovation Around the World

Digital music service Spotify and the popular electronic games Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga all originated in Sweden. The country is home to some of the world’s largest technology companies and is second only to Silicon Valley for tech giants. Sweden provides free health care, free higher education and outstanding infrastructure with the third-fastest internet…

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Making Waves in Hearing Restoration

The condition of losing hearing later in life is called presbycusis. It affects about two-thirds of people age 70 and older and four-fifths of those 85 and up. According to the Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at Columbia University, a common cause of hearing loss has to do with inner ear hair cells. We are…

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The Pitfalls of Too Much Sitting

Most people know it’s unhealthy to sit around all day without exercising, but you may be surprised at the degree this can impact your well-being. One new study found that constant sitting can be just as dangerous to your health as smoking or obesity. The threat is particularly dire for people who sit for eight…

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What are you grateful for?

This time of year sees turkeys land in the freezer and age old family recipes come out to see the light of day again. While a delicious feast and time spent with loved ones are certainly the highlight of November, I like to pause and reflect on gratitude – the backbone of Thanksgiving. Did you…

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Legacy Planning Tip: POD

Not all wealth is distributed according to a will. Life insurance, annuities, pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s are distributed according to the beneficiary designation assigned in your contract or policy. Another way to transfer assets is to assign a beneficiary through a payable on death (POD) account designation. Some states allow bank account owners to assign…

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Retirement Account Withdrawal Order Matters

When and which account you draw money from matters during retirement. One reason is because assets are taxed differently. For example: Roth IRA funds (if held for more than five years and you are past age 59 ½) are tax-free Municipal bonds and muni bond funds are tax-free Taxable accounts are taxed as capital gains…

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Understanding the College Expected Family Contribution

There is a standard calculation used to determine how much a family can afford to pay for college and how much federal student aid their child may be eligible for. This calculation takes into account four different factors: Parents’ income – prior year adjusted gross income + contributions to tax-deferred retirement accounts Parents’ assets –…

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The Short End of the Stick

The U.S. may be a world leader in many ways, but when it comes to stature, we literally don’t stand as tall. American men rank 37th among nations in average height, while American women come in 42nd place. A recent study analyzed data from 200 countries using the average height for 18 year olds, the…

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Separating Credit in a Divorce

Both ex-spouses are responsible for credit card balances that they held jointly during the marriage, even if a divorce court mandates that one spouse pay off the debt. To separate shared credit in the event of a divorce, keep these tips in mind: Try to pay off credit cards before you file for divorce If…

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Managing Finances Alone

Presently, about 45 percent of Americans 18 and older are single, whether by divorce (24 percent), widowhood (13 percent) or never married (63 percent). Of all the adults currently unmarried, 18 percent are age 65 or older. When it comes to money management, there are both pros and cons to being single. Without a partner…

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