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The Role of College in Socio-Economic Circles

Some high school students painstakingly work to perfect their college applications and essays with the dream of going to the best school possible, for the best life possible. Others may not have to try as hard to achieve that goal. New data shows that the family you are born into has a significant impact on…

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Strategies for Paying for College

Even as college tuition continues to rise, more and more American families are paying less out of pocket than in previous years. During the 2015-16 academic year, grants and scholarships paid the largest portion of college expenses — 34 percent, compared to 30 percent the year before. In addition to grants and scholarships, parent income…

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Understanding the College Expected Family Contribution

There is a standard calculation used to determine how much a family can afford to pay for college and how much federal student aid their child may be eligible for. This calculation takes into account four different factors: Parents’ income – prior year adjusted gross income + contributions to tax-deferred retirement accounts Parents’ assets –…

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