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Planning for Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

If you expect to be in a high tax bracket in retirement, you may consider allocating your retirement assets in a variety of different types of financial products to help reduce your tax liability. The growth potential of tax-deferred annuities may be appealing to those who have invested in safe, low-yielding strategies and are concerned…

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Why Convert a Roth IRA?

Investing in a traditional IRA while earning a paycheck is a good way to defer income taxes on the money you contribute. Currently, taxpayers who aren’t covered by a retirement plan at work may deduct the full amount of their annual contributions to a traditional IRA. Those who do participate in a work plan may…

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Legacy Planning Tip: POD

Not all wealth is distributed according to a will. Life insurance, annuities, pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s are distributed according to the beneficiary designation assigned in your contract or policy. Another way to transfer assets is to assign a beneficiary through a payable on death (POD) account designation. Some states allow bank account owners to assign…

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Retirement Account Withdrawal Order Matters

When and which account you draw money from matters during retirement. One reason is because assets are taxed differently. For example: Roth IRA funds (if held for more than five years and you are past age 59 ½) are tax-free Municipal bonds and muni bond funds are tax-free Taxable accounts are taxed as capital gains…

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Louisiana Rain Relief

Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances sometimes arise that may require the withdrawal of money from a retirement fund before retirement. For instance, damages due to a natural disaster, such as the recent flooding in Louisiana. In response to the widespread damage caused by the flooding, the IRS has relaxed a few rules to help individuals — and…

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IRA Building Blocks

When people think of IRA investments the most common ones that come to mind may be stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But when it comes to investment options, IRAs can be one of the most flexible retirement plans around. In fact, there are only two types of holdings you cannot purchase within an IRA: (1)…

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