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“Inflation Busters”

There are a lot of positives in economic growth, but one downside is the inflation that sometimes comes with it. An increase in the GDP rate, consumer prices and, inevitably, interest rates often follow as well. In recent months, we’ve seen a jump in gas rates; home prices are rising at the quickest pace in…

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How do You Define Success? How do You Measure It?

In the U.S., there are no universally accepted definitions for economic classes. According to the most recent government data, the median household income in the U.S. is $56,500, which means half of all American households earn more and half earn less. However, when it comes to our own perception of financial well-being, many people use…

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4 Legs of Retirement Income

Financial advisors used to refer to retirement income as a “three-legged stool.” This meant that the stool was supported by: (1) Social Security benefits, (2) an employer pension plan or other employer-sponsored plan and (3) personal savings/investments. Today, retirement income is less reliable because fewer employers offer pensions, and employees have not been able to…

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How to Help Make Retirement Income Last

Building up a retirement nest egg is one thing, but making it last throughout your lifetime is quite another. With a larger share of the financial responsibility for retirement shifting from employers to employees, it’s more important than ever to explore all income strategies to help determine what is most appropriate for your situation. One…

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How Long is ‘Till Death Do Us Part?’

One result of today’s longer lifespans is that marriages last longer too — unless they’re cut short by divorce. People may have been more likely to stay married when retirement lasted just 10 or 20 years, but now that more retirees live into their 80s and 90s, divorce is a more common option. Between 1990…

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Things to Do Before You Retire

Some people set a particular age when they want to retire. It might be more helpful to look at your financial schedule to establish a retirement date. Just because you want to retire on a certain birthday doesn’t mean you’ll be quite financially ready to do so. After all, there’s more to retirement planning than…

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Work Less, Spend Less: How Retiring Boomers may Impact the Economy

The economy has grown, in large part, because consumers are spending more money. It remains to be seen whether that trend will continue as more of the massive baby boomer generation approaches retirement. Even before people retire, many tend to slow down their spending habits. Part of this is lifestyle driven; by age 50, most…

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Retiring Abroad?

Have you ever contemplated retiring abroad? There’s a lot to think about! To name a few: Location Health Insurance Tax and Financial Needs Read more in this 8-Step Checklist then contact us at or call us at (952) 460­-3260 to schedule a time to discuss your financial situation and the potential role of investments in your…

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How Grandparents May Benefit From College Funding

With the increase of student loan debt over the past 10 years, more grandparents are taking on the role of college funding. In fact, a Fidelity survey in 2014 found that 72 percent of grandparents feel it’s important to help out in this regard. Many retirees walk a tightrope between wanting to make gifts to…

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