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Archive for July 2015

Cary Grant’s Retirement Income Checklist

“You never miss the water until the well runs dry.” His Girl Friday (1940) – Walter Burns (Cary Grant) In the 1940’s movie His Girl Friday, Cary Grant’s character of Walter Burns reminds us that nothing lasts forever. Many baby boomers now approaching their retirement timeline, have begun to realize that shortly they won’t be…

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Secured Retirement Radio: Probability Investing vs. Safety First

Blog post written by Dale Decker We all have different tolerances for risk. Some people prefer to go big and climb Mount Everest. Others are perfectly content to stay close to home and go apple picking. But risk tolerance isn’t limited to hobbies and free-time activities. Risk tolerance also plays a role in your personal finances.…

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Getting to the Truth: How Strong is Social Security Anyway?

The number one news headline grab this month isn’t the Kardashians or Donald Trump. Nor is it Spieth’s distressing loss at the Open Championship by one stroke. Surprisingly, according to some of this week’s top trending news headlines sensationalized Social Security.  This Week’s 5 Top Trending Virtual Social Security Headlines: 6.5M Social Security Numbers…

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Secured Retirement Radio: What's Your Financial "Squeaky Wheel"?

Blog post written by Dale Decker Greece is in the news this week, and anytime there’s an event the magnitude of national insolvency, it makes us think about personal finances. Greece had been accumulating debt over many years, which is akin to being the squeaky wheel on the wagon of the European economy. Surrounding countries didn’t…

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