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Archive for January 2017

“Caregiving” a Parent’s Investment Portfolio

Many individuals often spend large sums of their own money caring for an aging parent. A recent survey found that one out of three caregivers provide $5,000 or more per year helping their loved one, and nearly one in five provide $10,000 or more. One reason is because adult children are uncomfortable talking about their…

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Municipal Bond Mindset

The municipal bond market experienced a dramatic sell-off around the time of the election, with more than $10 billion departing muni funds in November.2 President Trump’s promise for more infrastructure spending and lower taxes has made the market for these bonds less appealing. For one thing, many investors are attracted to bonds for their federal…

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The Downside of Multi-Tasking

Do you ever find that by the time you finish that last cup of coffee in the morning, you’re already exhausted? According to researchers, it’s because we use our relaxing coffee time to multi-task: Check emails, pay bills, peruse headline news, etc. The more challenging the tasks, the more energy-drained we feel. Actually, scientists say…

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Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Tips

They say you’re never fully prepared to have children; the same could possibly be said for retirement. Life still gets in the way of plans, but one way to work out the kinks is to “test-drive” some of your retirement plans while you’re still employed. Consider the following tips to help prepare for retirement. Spousal…

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The Stock Market in Volatile Times

You’ve likely heard a few clichés when it comes to investing: stay the course; buy right and hold tight; time is more valuable than money; etc. The point is clear, if your investments align with your goals, timeline and risk tolerance, then there may be no reason to make changes to your portfolio when the…

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RMDs and Charitable Contributions

A qualified charitable distribution is one that is not taxable. For 2017 and going forward, these distributions are an option for IRA owners age 70 ½ and up. If an individual instructs his or her IRA to make a distribution directly to a qualified charity, that amount can be deducted from the required minimum distribution…

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Helping Make Your Retirement Money Last

For every five years longer a retiree lives, he or she spends about 15 percent less on average. This means that people in their 70s spend about half of what they do in their 50s. Even with the ramp-up in medical expenses that often comes later in life, retirees still tend to spend less as…

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Why Convert a Roth IRA?

Investing in a traditional IRA while earning a paycheck is a good way to defer income taxes on the money you contribute. Currently, taxpayers who aren’t covered by a retirement plan at work may deduct the full amount of their annual contributions to a traditional IRA. Those who do participate in a work plan may…

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When Are You Most Productive?

Studies show some people simply are wired to wake up early in the morning while others are night owls. The difference has to do with what time of day you have the most energy, focus and creativity. One researcher aimed to change his night owl ways by waking up early and forcing himself to work…

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