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Proactive Retirement Planning

By info | November 22, 2019 |

Chances are, you’re in one of two camps when it comes to planning for retirement. If you’re being proactive, you’re addressing the coming challenges in retirement before they happen. This puts you in a position of strength and control. But if you’re being reactive, there’s no plan to reduce your taxes in retirement. There’s no…

5 Big Tax Mistakes That Could Cost You an Arm and a Leg When You Retire

By info | November 7, 2019 |

How much money have you saved for retirement? How much of it is inside an IRA, or 401K? Let’s say you’ve saved $250,000 in one of these tax-deferred accounts. You know it’s not really 250 grand, right? When you withdraw this money in retirement, you could lose a big chunk of it to Uncle Sam.…

Sequence of Returns Risk

By info | October 25, 2019 |

What will be your biggest risk when you retire? It’s probably not what you think it is. Most people think it’ll be the skyrocketing cost of health care, higher taxes, or social security going bust. But it’s not any one of these issues! The biggest threat facing you in retirement is “sequence of returns” risk,…

5 Critical Factors That Could Significantly Impact Your Social Security Income

By info | October 7, 2019 |

Planning for retirement is hard enough, but did you know there are factors hiding in plain sight that could change your income in retirement? It’s unfortunately true. According to a recent article in FORBES “The average working couple will receive over $1 MILLION in social security benefits over their lifetime – And the right claiming…

Could you retire sooner than you think?

By info | August 23, 2019 |

Forbes: 7 Simple Strategies to Retire Early Click Here “I’m never going to be able to retire.” Have you ever mumbled this to yourself? If you have, you’re not alone. Over 1/3 of all Americans don’t believe they’ll have enough money to live off of in retirement.  Ouch. With all the pessimistic view on retirement, then…

Why You’re Not Prepared for Retirement: Research

By info | August 9, 2019 |

Forbes: Why You Might Not Be as Prepared for Retirement as You Think Click Here Are you worried about retirement? If so, you’re not alone. According to our research, only 22% of employees reported being on track last year and the actual state of retirement preparedness may even be worse. That’s because many people use retirement calculators…

Get on the same page as your spouse

By info | July 26, 2019 |

Have you ever had a disagreement with your husband, or wife about money? Have you ever bickered about a big financial decision, or your investments? Money is the #1 issue that couples fight about. It’s the elephant in the room that could create even bigger problems! Below are 5 critical questions that every couple must…

Don’t let these 4 tax traps ruin your retirement

By info | July 17, 2019 |

Most people are focused on their investment returns, but they’re ignoring the one thing that could have an even bigger impact on their nest egg. Taxes. Taxes will likely be your biggest expense in retirement. Below are 4 retirement tax traps you should get in front of before you start planning that retirement party. Retirement…

Do these 4 things to help you retire sooner

By info | June 28, 2019 |

What’s standing between you and retirement? And what do you need to do to make this dream a reality? For many people, the answer is not that you need to save more money. It’s that you need to be doing more with the money you’ve already saved. Below are 4 specific steps that could help…

4 things you must know before you claim Social Security

By info | June 14, 2019 |

Most people don’t realize it, but claiming your Social Security benefits could be one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Here’s why. If you’ve earned an average income throughout your career, you could receive several hundred thousand dollars in lifetime benefits. And if you earned an above-average income, you could receive more…

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