Defining Terms, Defining Moments


This past Saturday, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch covered the federal interest rate increase, recent changes to Social Security, holiday gift giving and more on our radio show. During the program, some familiar and not-so-familiar financial terms were used.  Retirement, finance, and especially Social Security are full of phrases we understand to a varying degree. Take Social Security for example, “file and suspend” “restricted application” “full retirement age”, these are just a few of the terms that could use translation as we wade through the red tape of understanding our very own entitlement benefits. Sprinkle a federal interest rate increase and now you are faced with an entire dessert tray of financial terminology and rule changes that require professional advice and expert delineations. 

For those considering retirement, now is a good time have your defining moment. Making a decision to carve out time to meet with a professional financial advisor to help you to make sense of all the complicated elements that become part of the language of planning for retirement in 2016. 

At Secured Retirement Advisors, we specialize in helping or clients develop an overall financial retirement plan that is designed to maximize monthly income by incorporating Social Security along with other savings and assets. To attend our January 5th or 7th Social Security seminars or for a free complimentary 3 Step Review call us today at 952-460-3260. 



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