Information is Power


On the January 9th show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch covered recent market fluctuations and portfolio reviews.   

The market dipped in the past week. Usually, when that happens, some get nervous about their portfolios, seeking either assurance or solutions. Terms like “scared” and “crisis mode” were used to describe the condition of investors who search for answers, direction and maybe a little redemption.  One layer of comfort when the market shifts is information. Having a plan in place on income, expectations, and proper levels of risk, taxes and Social Security provides peace of mind during market shifts and offers the comfort of information based decisions.   

Secured Retirement Financial offers courses and free consultations that keep you informed. “Retirement Elevated” a class to be held at the Minnesota State Edina campus begins January 25th with more sessions to come. For those wishing for a one-on-one review, we also offer a 3 Step Review or Social Security analysis. For a complementary consultation or to attend a class call Secured Retirement Advisors at 952-460-3260.



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