It’s Baseball Season. Time for Some Analogies and Clichés


Baseball resembles financial planning more than any other sport.  Teams typically approach contests with a game plan based on their personnel, the ball park they are playing in, weather conditions, pitching match-ups and the opposition. Team managers, pay attention to the conditions and plan accordingly to create a successful outcome in each ball game.  

This is not unlike financial planning in which a strategy to achieve goals is designed around several factors including resources, the environment, and more. 

On last weekend’s radio show Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch covered estates as part of retirement.  Estate planning is kind of like the walk-off home-run of the financial planning world. We at Secured Retirement Financial can help with your estate planning goals and be here to give you a high five when you touch home. I guess it was time for analogies and clichés after all.  

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