Learning That can Last a Lifetime

One of the difficulties people faced during the recession was the high level of unemployment. However, a long-term benefit is that some people became more flexible about what they were willing to do to earn a living.

College-educated millennials accepted unplanned forays into things like bartending, graduate school and opening their own small businesses. Many midcareer professionals who lost their job went back to school to study in a different field, thus launching the concept of pursuing two or more careers in a lifetime.

This lesson wasn’t lost on baby boomers; plenty of mature workers seized the opportunity to expand their knowledge and pursue a new career path. In fact, learning is one of those things that doesn’t have an age limit. College towns are generally considered great places to retire, where seniors enjoy a wide range of activities from auditing classes and guest lectures to attending cultural events to using the campus gym.

If you check out your local library, you’ll likely find a plethora of courses available in the community such as computer lessons, religious studies, arts and drama activities. If you don’t want to leave home, check out the wide range of options available online, such as the popular Master Class series that offers video courses taught by knowledgeable professionals and even celebrities.

Retirement is a great time to pursue an activity you have always been interested in and further your education. Lifelong learning opportunities also give older adults a way to meet other people with shared interests and create a regular schedule of activities and social engagement.

Most people have a subject they’ve always wanted to learn — how to play the guitar, dance the Tango, speak French — but were always too busy to truly pursue it. A great benefit of retirement is the time that’s available to finally help make those goals a reality.

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