Options for ‘Cord Cutters’

cordcutterIf you’re not a big fan of paying extra for TV channels, you’re not alone. Currently, 9 percent of Americans have never subscribed to a cable or satellite service. Another 15 percent have cancelled their service — which means nearly a quarter of Americans aren’t paying those big monthly bills.

However, that doesn’t mean viewers have tuned out of their favorite shows entirely. In many cases, they’re just watching on a different platform. Most of these streaming services require a Wi-Fi connection, but when you compare the costs, cutting the cord on cable may be an option worth considering.

Today’s most popular streaming programming includes Hulu/Hulu Plus, Sling TV, Amazon (Prime and Video), Netflix and Apple TV. Some channels, such as HBO and Showtime, allow viewers to subscribe directly to their programming without going through a cable provider.

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