Planning for a Longer Trip-Life Expectancy

rsz_social-security-card.jpgPacking for a weekend trip is easy. It only requires two changes of clothing, cosmetics and sundries, and you’re on your way. When travelling for a week or more, packing becomes more complex. How do you anticipate what you may want to wear seven days from now? The longer journey requires careful planning.   

In 1930, before Social Security, life expectancy  for Americans was age 59. This year, that number is projected to hit 80. This equates  to for some, decades without a paycheck. Combine this with the coming changes to Social Security and planning the journey of retirement has become even  more demanding  

This past Saturday as in many of the past weeks, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talked about the coming revisions to Social Security on Secured Retirement Radio. We are getting hundreds of calls each week as those 50 plus assess their Social Security benefits and  retirement 

Now is a good time for retirement planning in relation to the changes. We’re professionals, helping you plan a decades long journey. For a custom Social Security analysis or Retirement Review  on your schedule…call us at 952-460-3260.

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