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Post written by Dale Decker

In the first Austin Powers movie, the lead plays blackjack with Dr. Evil’s henchman, “Number 2.”

Number 2, with x-ray vision, holds a 17, and scopes the next card as a 4. He hits for a 21 saying that he likes to live…dangerously. Austin Powers in turn then stays on his 5 and says slowly with a wink: “I too like to live dangerously.”

In retirement and regarding social security, we shouldn’t stay on a 5 or leave money on the table. It’s funny in movies, but in real life…not so much.On last Saturday’s Secured Retirement Radio show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talked about the paradigm shift that occurs when we approach retirement–the transition from accumulation to return.

In years past, it was all about growth. Now transition income and endurance are more important. In that context, retirement is the time to be informed of options before funds from income and Social Security are left on the table. Don’t stay on a 5!

At Secured Retirement Financial we offer classes, workshops, Social Security analyses, and a 3-step review to keep you informed. These are all built to help maximize income and Social Security while reducing taxes to enhance your retirement years. Contact us here for more information.

Here’s a link to this week’s show: 

three step review

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