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Lawmakers Changed Rules Regarding Social Security 10/30/15

It’s World Series time and from my playing days, the best way to hit curve balls was to be in front of the pitch. That’s true in baseball and true when it comes to changes to Social Security. This week’s Secured Retirement Radio show covered the October 30th, 2015 legislative changes to Social Security from top to bottom; the bottom line that is. Host Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch with national Social Security expert Joe Elsasser described the changes that bring benefits closer to a fixed meal plan vs. a la carte. Staying informed at this point is critical for retirees and those approaching retirement age. Details of the changes are still forthcoming.  Rest assured, Joe and his staff of financial planners, at Secured Retirement Advisors,  have their finger on the pulse to inform their clients of any changes to present and future benefits. 

Stay tuned to Secured Retirement Radio for breaking news and analysis. You can listen to the October 31st Podcast by clicking here.

Now is the time to be informed of the changes to Social Security. It is also the perfect time to examine your other building blocks for retirement, income, and tax planning along with Social Security.  A 3 Step Review incorporates each component into a cohesive plan, and you can call Secured Retirement Advisors today to ask for your free analysis. Make your retirement years all they can be. For a complementary 3 Step Review contact us at 952-460-3260.


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