This time of year sees turkeys land in the freezer and age old family recipes come out to see the light of day again. While a delicious feast and time spent with loved ones are certainly the highlight of November, I like to pause and reflect on gratitude – the backbone of Thanksgiving.

Did you know that gratitude has proven health benefits? Studies have found that grateful people experience fewer aches and pains, and generally report feeling healthier. Interestingly, they also tend to take better care of their health by paying attention to nutrition, exercise and regular check-ups. All of those factors can contribute to a higher quality of life – and better overall health!

I have not seen a study on this, and yet I wonder whether grateful people have better financial health, as well. Gratitude has shown to have a positive effect on reducing anxiety, encouraging better sleep, and strengthening resilience. In my experience, resilience in particular can be a major contributor to one’s financial health. After all, most people I know have made big and small money missteps on their road to retirement. The ability to bounce back after a setback or a disappointment is key to making progress.

In the spirit of the season, I invite you to consider your own financial situation from the position of gratitude. Don’t judge by what your bank balance is or how your 401(k) is doing, but begin with feeling thankful for what you have. That starting point can give you a balanced perspective and help you unravel any financial concerns you might have.

As you consider your money situation, remember that you don’t have to do this alone. Financial planning can be extremely complex. No matter how smart my clients are or how much money they have saved, there always seem to be those nagging questions in the back of their minds. What happens if I pass away before my spouse? What will I do if I get sick? What will happen to my nest egg if the stock market takes a hit?

I want you to know that having those questions does not mean that you did not do a good job so far. As retirement approaches, most people would benefit from a consultation with a certified financial planner.  

Wouldn’t you rather know for sure that your plan is keeping you on the right track? Peace of mind and access to the right professionals – now, that is definitely something to be grateful for!

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