The State of Estates


Retirees navigate income, Social Security, taxes, healthcare and more in their golden years. Concurrent with these is sound estate strategies. On the February 6th show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talked about estate planning in the context of a comprehensive retirement.  Estate and legacy planning determines what, and how, we leave things behind for family and loved ones.  Every financial plan should incorporate estate planning. We encourage a sound strategy with retirement income that lasts and preserves “the state” of your estate.  

At Secured Retirement Financial we offer a 3 -Step Review for retirement and estate planning and also a segment on estates by local attorney Dave Ness within our Retirement Elevated class curriculum.   

For a custom retirement and estate analysis on your schedule, or to attend a Retirement Elevated class call us at 952-460-3260. 

Click Here to listen to Joe Lucey’s Podcast of this week’s radio series.

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