Van Halen and M & M’s


Back  in the 70’s legend was that  Van Halen required  their hotels to stock M& M’ s  with the brown variety removed from each bowl. At the time, the band was top of the charts with multiple hits …the M&M story fit with our expectations of rock star’s excess. We all should take a turn being David Lee Roth.

I later read this legend was true for a reason. At the time, Van Halen’s shows were very intricate; full of explosions, fireworks, and music, hence tour contracts were very important. The band was concerned that attention was being paid to the contracts at each tour stop so they included the M & M clause toward the end. That way, they knew on arrival if their contract had been read and had gotten anyone’s attention. 

So what does this have to do with retirement planning?   

Secured Retirement Radio’s Joe Lucey is a nationally recognized expert on retirement and Social Security. He and show colleague  Derek Fautsch  have been analyzing the changes to Social Security since prior to the legislation last fall and broadcasting the changes to thousands via airwaves, the internet, classes, seminars and in-person meetings.  The changes affect millions and are pending.  

If your advisor hasn’t brought up the changes to Social Security… maybe it’s time to check if this has their attention. Might you have brown M&M’s in your bowl?  

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