Ways to Help Manage Financial Stress

When employees shoulder a greater responsibility to provide retirement income, their stress levels can increase. Here are a few tips to help manage financial stress.

  • Recognize that others have the same burden, but the difference may not be in how they manage their finances but in how they manage their stress.
  • Do as much as you can to manage your finances, including working with a financial professional, but don’t ruminate over the situation. If you find yourself caught up thinking about it often, just stop. Stand up, clap your hands, move around and distract yourself. Negative stress comes from rumination, but taking action to stop those thought patterns can create more positive emotions.
  • Draw a circle on paper. Inside the circle, write down all of the things you can control, and outside the circle, record all of things you cannot. When you feel stressed, use the circle as a reminder to focus on what you can control.


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