What the Rest of the World Worries About

There’s been a substantial degree of unrest as the new presidential administration continues to roll out policy changes. However, the U.S. isn’t alone in that regard. In a recent survey, 63 percent of respondents worldwide said they believe their country is headed in the wrong direction.

China, Saudi Arabia, India and Russia are the most optimistic about their situation, while Mexico, France, South Korea and South Africa are the most negative. Here’s some of what the rest of the world is worried about:

  • Unemployment continues to be the greatest worldwide concern. This concern is most prevalent in Spain and Italy, where unemployment levels remain high.
  • The second biggest concern is poverty and social equality, felt most egregiously by citizens of Hungary, Russia, Germany, Belgium and Japan.
  • The third most common worry is financial and political corruption.
  • Crime/violence and health care round out the top five things people worry about the most all over the world.

Some issues are more worrisome in certain areas of the globe. For example, Latin America is particularly concerned about the state of education, while immigration is more troublesome in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Canada.

Countries like the U.S. and Great Britain have vowed to look inward, placing their country’s best interests at the forefront. For some, this more national-centered approach could cause headaches. Germany, for example, relies on global demand for its exports, which represents nearly half of the country’s gross domestic product. The U.S., with exports accounting for only 13 percent of GDP, is in a less precarious position.

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