Wild Cards

When playing poker, one can have a great hand the whole game, and assume they are in great shape. Suddenly, with one wild card, the player finds him or herself on the short end of the money. Sound familiar? It should because it’s similar to the recent changes to Social Security legislation.   

With changes in benefit options, new limitations and the narrowing of time to adjust, the federal government has set changes to Social Security in motion that “changed the wild card” for many, and requires retirees’ immediate attention. 

If you are age 62 through 66 (or older than 66 and haven’t claimed Social Security benefits) it’s important to take a fresh look at current and future retirement strategies. 

The good news is the changes made to Social Security telegraphed with six months to react. Now is the time to be informed about and consider new strategies. Learn more. Listen to our Podcast by clicking here.

Informed decisions on income, tax planning, and Social Security benefits are your best defense against the changes to Social Security. Don’t let the wild card fool you. For a complimentary 3 Step Review call Secured Retirement Advisors at 952-460-3260. 

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